About us


Kendra and Wil Stroman serve as the directors of Urban Outreach and have done so for many years.  Founded more than 10 years ago Urban Outreach has served Washington, DC’s most vulnerable and needy communities.


They have provided:

Homeless Ministry:

Women’s Shelter Ministry:

Community Outreach:

Stage Truck Events:

Evangelism Events:

And much more.  Most importantly they have just been there for those in need.  You can be a part of their ministry too.  They need monthly support and by clicking in this link you will find a form that allows you to invest in their lives and ultimately in the lives of the communities they serve.

Urban Outreach Inc.

5343 C Street, SE

Washington, DC 20019

Office hours:  9am to 5pm

Office: 202-575-4867

Fax: 202-575-4865

Email: wil@urbanoutreach.org



Urban Outreach is affiliated with the US missions department of the Assemblies of God and all donations are fully tax deductible.

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