Our Heroes

This page is dedicated to honoring our heroes.  Heroes are those people who have overcome great difficulty to begin serving Christ.  We don’t pretend that they have “arrived” but are fellow strugglers dealing with issues like the rest of us.  We want you to suggest your heroes here too.  We have left the comment part of this page open for you to suggest your next hero!  Thanks.

Neighborhood Hero   –  Andrew Rodgers

I was born and raised in southeast Washington, DC. I came from a house of five brothers and one sister. Our house was full of abuse. Anything you could name, it went on in our house. Through all that darkness, God shined his light on me and I began my walk with Jesus when I was just 14 years old. Many years of trials and challenges went by before I figured out what God had in store for me.

Two years ago God called me to the food ministry of Urban Outreach.  I knew all too well about living with little to no food in the house. God has give me passion to help and feed others in my community. I feel so blessed that God would even think of using me to be his hands and feet in a rough place called southeast DC.

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