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 Our Mission:

“To raise up a group of youth in southeast Washington, DC empowered by the Gospel to impact their community and others for Christ.”

Are you ready to make an impact?


Frontline News:

New and Improved – Frontline Youth Center

One of the most exciting things that has happen this year is the renovation of our youth center.


Thanks to the help and partnership of organizations, individuals and Churches, the youth center has a brand new look. We finally have a stylish clam, relaxing place that the youth can come and interact, relax, and be fed, and grow in Christ. The snack bar is an awesome part of the renovation that actually generates funds for youth trip scholarships and more. Pastor Wil now has a beautiful neat (sometimes) and organized office that he can operate out of. The kids have continued to to show pride in the new and improved youth center be inviting their friends to come and join us for meetings! Praise God!

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